The Macdonald West Company

Macdonald West  has served as an Arbitrator since 1997 with the American Arbitration Association on their Commercial Panel, Construction Panel and Real Estate Panels.  Mr. West is an Industry Professional in these fields of arbitration, having over 35 Years of professional and practical work experience as detailed on this website.  During his career, Mr. West has studied law relating to: Business, Contracts, Construction, Evidence, Land Use & Zoning, Property, Real Estate, Torts and Alternative Dispute Resolutions.

Mr. West has heard cases as Arbitration Chairman and Panelist for simple and "large complex cases" with claims ranging from $50,000 to in excess of $25 Million.

For more information regarding the arbitration process, contact the American Arbitration Association: 

  • Atlanta, GA  404) 320-5111 - Linda Beyea, VP
  • or online